Saturday, July 26, 2008

Game Camera: How Cool!

So we have 17 acres of land. Our land used to be a former apple orchard. The last owner took out a lot of the apple trees, but quite a few remain. Our land also has a creek running through it and a lot of wildlife. My husband has a game camera set up to see the different animals we have down there. He got the memory cards today, and we have a really cool set of photos.

I guess I always thought out in the wild all the animals got along. I grew up when Bambi first came out, so I apparently thought that they all went around whistling and such. Here is a doe who was eating when a raccoon came along. Apparently she wasn't finished eating and didn't want company the first time OR the second time the raccoon tried. Keep an eye on the time stamp for how long this took. I will post the photos right now from Picasa.

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