Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My site visits results

I was having a hard time deciding what to write about tonight. I had a full paragraph about the craft show I'm going to be in this weekend, but then I decided that was boring. Then was just going to show pictures of the town I'll be in this weekend, which is where my parents live, but.....even more boring. So while I was checking my blog stats, I decided to review with you who is visiting my blog.

Entrecard advertising 10
Entrecard.com 9
(direct) 2
Blogger.com 7
Google 3
Etsy.com 1
Bloglines.com 1
Total Visits 33

I know what all of these are except www.bloglines.com. I guess I should check to see what that is. I'm glad that I got quite a few hits from my Entrecard advertising. None of these hits have turned into sales yet, but since my items are more for gift giving, I'm still being patient.

If you would like to see similiar stats for your own blog and you have a google account, it is very easy to install google analytics into your blog. It will then keep track of how many visitors you have, where they came from, how long they spent on your site, etc. I know that my shop's traffic has increased, but where the traffic has come from I'm not sure. If Etsy admin ever gives us the ability to install tracking on our shop, it will be interesting to compare the two statistics.

Thanks for visiting!!

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Mekhismom said...

Bloglines is a reader - you know when people have a button that says "subscribe"? When you use a reader you basically can keep up to date on your favorite blogs without having to check on them daily. When new posts are up the reader lets you know and you can read without visiting the site. I use one but generally visit the site to leave a comment.