Thursday, September 18, 2008

How Can I Time This Treasury Getting Deal!!

I really want to get another Treasury. So it is right it is 11:15 Central time. When I look at the above Etsy screen shot you will see that there are currently 367 treasuries. Before the Treasury opens up, this number has to get to 333. So 33 treasuries have to end. If I sort them by expiration time, and from the end count back 34 treasuries, you will see that the 333rd treasury will expire in 6 hours.

I am at work right now. In 6 hours it will be 5:15pm Central time. Right after I get home from work. I think I can power up my computer and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE be online by the time the new treasuries open up.

As a reminder if anyone else wants to get a treasury, you scroll to the bottom of your page. Then let it sit. You are going to want to refresh but DON'T. Once it decides to let people get a treasury, a box wil open up for you to title and click create.

I will say it again. When waiting for a treasury, do not refresh. It will look like it's not working, but it really is.

Good Luck to those waiting. I'll let you know if I get one and let me know if you get one. ;-)
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