Monday, September 1, 2008

Yesterday I had a Craft Show

Yesterday I drove down to Alma, WI for the 6th Annual Art and Music Festival. It was a fun-filled day of music, food and meeting people. My friend Nancy and I decided to go in on the booth fee together. She has awesome jewelry that nicely compliments my bookmarks.

Of course, the day didn't go off without some mishaps. We got to the show and there were some very nice gentlemen willing to help us carry our tables and supplies to our spot. Very sweet of them.

So then we start to put up the tent. Now mind you I did not put it together the night before, but I did take the pieces out and really thought I had all the pieces. Famous Last Words.

I'm frantically trying to find the little pvc connector piece that says Gable - Gable. The nice gentleman is trying to pair up magic marker numbers with matching numbers, I'm getting frustrated, Nancy is trying to help, Finally I realize that the second Gable - Gable piece is missing. "How embarrassing!"

But being the make do people we are, we decided that it was a very nice day out, no chance for rain, so who needed a tent anyway!

Otherwise the day was really good. We were first in line on the left hand side of the show. We were surrounded by trees, there was a nice breeze, a flint knapper was next to us which was interesting to watch), all was good! We didn't get rich but had fun anyway!

Plus who could complain about being on the Mississippi River with a breeze over the water. We were at the park that is on the right hand side of this photo. (photo from the Alma Wisconsin website.)


Mekhismom said...

I hope that you had loads of sales!

CB said...

Beautiful picture. ;)

Craft shows are really fun or at least that is what I've heard and it seems like weird things always happen at them haha. :P

rockcreekcreations said...

My sales weren't too bad. My items are mostly gift items, so I had some sales. But in looking at the people walking around, not many people were carrying things.

I don't know if that is based on the economy, not close enough to the holidays or other reasons. Because there were a lot of booths, with a lot of nice things.