Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm ADDICTED to Funky Fibers!!

There are a few stores in town that I try to go to each week to see if they received any more shipments of funky fibers. They are stores that don't have scheduled shipments, and they never know for sure what they will get. This week was had a bountiful harvest of fuzzy, funky, pouffy fibers!

I've been busy all weekend cutting, twisting, beading and being a major homebody just to be able to create things with these fibers.

I've already listed 4 new things in my store. My favorite is what I call "Tequila Sunrise". It's a nice orange and yellow fiber. I've created a wristlet key chain holder with this fiber. I might have to make another one just for MEEEE! This is a picture of it. Here is the shop listing.

Here are some samples of some things I've made this weekend. I'll be busy listing all week.


Have a good week everyone! Thanks for visiting!
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Anonymous said...

you'll have to check out the yarns I have here, bought but didn't know what I was getting. next time you come to visit check them out. love Mom

Tiddly Inks said...

I too love funky yarns...I used to make handmade cards with them!!! LOL I love them too much to send them or sell would think funky yarn is in short supply or something!!! Cute stuff. :D