Thursday, October 2, 2008

My experience today...

So, I don't know if I've really revealed it here yet, but I'm really a story-teller in real life. Why tell someone something when you can go into all the details, and make them feel like they were there. Later on I'll tell the story about when my truck was backed into by a semi, on April Fools Day, and no one was hurt. But that's a different story with photos....

Today, I want to tell about my trip to Best Buy. Feel free to leave now if you would like...;-)

My "day job" is a data/technology coordinator for a non-profit organization. Which means I get to do a lot of different stuff during the day. Some interesting, but some boring.

Today was my day to turn 2 computers into Best Buy to get them recycled. I hope that they do this ecologically friendly and what not, but I can't worry too much about that. When you bring a computer into them, they remove the hard drive and give it back to you. Which is nice, because then you don't have to worry about others getting your important information.

The first computer it was easy to remove the hard drive...two screws and it popped right out. Now the second one was apparently an ancient monstrosity, because 2-3 of the "geek squad" guys came up and looked at it while he was trying to remove it. So after a few minutes of watching the "young" kid trying to get this computer apart, I felt this overwhelming urge to make conversation.

I know, I know, just what this kid wanted, but he wasn't going to stop me. HeeHee. So I told him my story of my family's very first computer. Which I mentioned to him, was probably before he was born, and I was correct. My parent's got it for us when I was probably 14.

It was a trs-80. Which is a brand from Tandy and Radio Shack. It didn't have much memory installed into it, so you had to save any programs you wrote onto a cassette tape. Apparently it came with some games, but I don't remember them. (That was over 25 years ago already.) This was our first introduction to a computer, and now I'm really glad about it.

Not only does it give me good stories to tell the young-uns, but it started me on my path that has ended with a job a love and a continued love of computers.

If you've read this far, thank you! And have a good week-end if I don't write sooner!


{jennie} said...

I barely remember that computer....I doubt I used it much, though.

Mekhismom said...

I have never heard of a trs-80. The first computer I played with was an apple and that was in the early eighties. It was a friends and we had to program it in order to make it work. One wrong key - no game. We spent hours and came up with nothing.

rockcreekcreations said...

That's the same way this one was. The only way you could play was to type in the info from the book. But I think we could save games on the cassette recorder, but that part is vague in my memories.

Jennie, you probably remember the computers in school more. Oregon trail?

Anonymous said...

I remember that computer,,, I even took a class with Mr Schmidt to learn how to use it,,, didn't learn much. I remember having to write a program,,, like it did me any good. love Mom