Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some More Etsy kit ideas!

Soooo lately I have been on a fiber kick. No…not the kind that you eat, but the kind that you can felt, spin or dye. Recently I purchased some 100% wool and using kool aid, I dyed the yarn in the microwave. I'll have a post about that later.

Today I'm going to feature some more kits off of etsy.com. I haven't tried spinning yet, but one of these days I will!!

This kit Drop Spindle Kit With 6 oz. Fiber is listed by silversunalpacas.

This kit, Double Drop Spindle Maple Wood Spinning Kit, Vineyard With both Top and Bottom Whorl Spindles is listed by mainewoodsyarn.

This kit, Hand painted drop spindle learn to spin kit with instructions and multi gray wool is listed by anniemay.

Thanks for visiting. Happy shopping!

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