Thursday, October 9, 2008 Soap Felting Kits! How Neat!

With the holiday season coming up, we may find more time to do things with our kids and grandkids. Why not have some things waiting on standby for when you may need them. These kits seem to have everything needed for a fun afternoon making your own felted soap. AND you would have the added bonus of incentive to use their own soap when they need to take a bath.

This kit Felty Soap Kit - green/yellow roving is listed by kit and caboodle design.

This kit, Felt Soap Kit - Green Tea and Olive Oil Soap is listed by Kneek.

This kit, Goats Milk Soap Making Kit - Make your own Melt and Pour handcrafted soaps is listed by englishsoapco. OOPS! Can only be shipped in the United Kingdom, but it is still interesting to look at!!

This kit, Dabbler Kit Number 2 - Felted Soap is listed by CraftMutiny.

This kit, Muggsy and Me Felting Kit - Soap in a Coat is listed by billiessoapandspa.

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Jen said...

What a great idea! My kids have special soap that has fabric around it to make it easier to hold....yours is much nicer! Love it!

kim* said...

felted soap kits. hmmm interesting

MaryMarsh said...

How unique! And what a fun project! :)

artsyclay said...

These all look like a lot of fun!

Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

I have never ever heard of soap felting before. I'm curious and will be looking into the why's and how's of it.
Thanks for sharing your great finds!

(visiting from mbc)

storybeader said...

these look so neat!
your site is a must see - and a new addition to my blog list