Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do You Have a Living Will?

That was the second question the nurse asked in the phone interview to prepare for my Laproscopic GallBladder Removal Surgery. You know the "easy" in and out surgery that the doctor can do with his eyes closed. OK, but make sure you keep them open for my surgery!

It freaked me out a little because I really don't want to have to worry about whether or not that second question needs to come into play. I'm confident in my surgeon, I'm confident that this will be ok.

So 7:00 am Friday morning I will enter the walk-in surgery center and by noon, I should leave minus an irritated gallbladder.


Favorite saying seen on Twitter tonight! Real fear allows you to save your butt in challenging situations. Then there are imagined fears-which hold you back from experiencing life. @abunzagirl


storybeader said...

my husband and I got a book on writing wills, but never wrote ours... I hope you're out of the hospital in no time, and feeling better soon! Happy Holidays!

Sandy22 said...

Hope is goes well with you.

No, same here. Have a book also on writing a will but never got there. We will have to give it more thought.

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