Saturday, February 7, 2009

The chance to vlog...

Lately I've been spending a lot of time on and reading There are some really interesting people that you can learn a lot about in 140 characters or less. AND twitter offers a chance to learn about and enter a lot of different contests and giveaways.

I still plan on eventually doing one for my blog and shop, so I usually check them out. I found a giveaway for a Flip Video Camera at The Crafty Mama of 4 blog. She received a Flip Video Camera from and is also able to use one in a giveaway from her blog. The winner has to agree to start a vlog. I think that I could do that. Not daily, because I have a hard time writing a normal blog atleast once a week. But I think I could commit to a weekly or bi-weekly vlog. As a former teacher, I usually like to show and tell others how to do things. With a Flip Video Camera, that would be possible.

If you are also interested in trying to win a Flip Video Camera take a look at The Crafty Mama of 4 blog.


Dave Robertson said...

Hey RTC, I follow you on Twitter, and find it a great place to connect with people whose interests are similar to mine. Glad to see you blog about Twitter!

And you mention vlogging. I'm really interested in finding a craft/artisan jewelry maker who vlogs. Hmmm, since you asked about Rings & Things "goodie"/challenge packages...would you vlog about it if you were to receive one? :)


craftymamaof4 said...

Thanks for entering my contest :)