Sunday, April 17, 2011

I really wanted to be better at blogging, BUT..

Well, I'm really not. So I will not freak out about this, and just blog when I want and not stress about it, because then I don't blog is my first post of my anytime blogging...LOL.

Part of the reason is that my 13yo has decided that he NEEDS to use my camera all the time. He has started to do Stop-Motion film making. Not really film making, but as close as he will get right now. He takes his wwe action figures, poses them, takes the pic, moves them, take the pic, etc. You know, 80 photos equal 2 minutes of footage. Soooo, he's been using the camera ALOT.

So today I've finally, confiscated the camera and taken some photos and posted some new things on my artfire studio. I hope you enjoy them.

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roseworksjewelry said...

Aww - the pictures didn't come up :( Let me know if you need any ideas or tips for blogging :) I know how hard it can be!