Saturday, August 6, 2011

Craft Show Today

Today was a good day. I shared a booth with my Mom & Dad at a local Blues Festival Craft Show. It was a rocky start with the show organizers not showing up until 15 minutes before the show was going to start. Half of us didn't know the booth number we were assigned to. One older gentleman had to move 3 times before he found a booth that no one else claimed. He was NOT a happy camper.

It is much nicer to share the booth fee with someone! It makes it much easier to get in the clear that way! It's sort of confusing though. I have lots of jewelry but the stuff I sould the most was 3 for 1$ random rocks and slabs of rocks at $2 each. Go figure!! I know some of my things are higher priced but gosh I really shouldn't have to give it away! It's not as if each bead sewed itself down by itself! Of course Mr. imported lampwork pendants at $3 each seemed to sell alot!

But I have decided that I will not let it bother me! If I wanted to sell imported items I could....I just choose not to!

I'm really looking forward to the Bead Soup Blog Hop Party. I can't wait to get my exchange name!

Here are some things I took to the show with me AND things that came back home with me!


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Chrizette said...

I am doing my first show/market day in October. I am new to beading and doing a market day is something that has me very nervous indeed! I will be happy if people just stop at my booth - LoL