Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My quilt Designing

Seven years ago I worked in manufacturing on a weekend nights job. I worked from 6pm - 6am Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was probably one of the best jobs I ever had. I like to socialize with people, but I also like my alone time. At this job I worked alone in a big room with approximately 30 laser cutters. The programs would run from 10 minutes to some as long as several hours. There would be a variety of times, when I was real busy to times when I had to occupy myself. While working these long hours, I would take paper and draw out quilt patterns. One of my first patterns I did was a "Which Way is Up" I-Spy Mystery Quilt. A mystery quilt is where the designer tells you what to cut and what to sew together without showing you the final project.

During this time, I also got very involved in creating my own website. Did you know that even if you never sign into a website, it is still out there? I was looking for my old website and it is still there.

If you go, please remember this was a long time ago, when creating your own website was just getting into fashion. So it is very rough. It is interesting for me to see the quality of my photographs back then compared to now. Boy has times changed!!

Thank you for stopping by. I will probably spend a few more days looking at and talking about my old quilts and designs.
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