Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who Knew!?!

This summer has been a series of "Who Knew?" situations.
  1. Who knew that German-Short Hair Pointer could get a sunburn? That 3 types of dogs are susceptable to sunburns: German-Short Hair Pointers, Dalmations, and Pit Bulls apparently. We have always had labradors (Black, Chocolate and Yellow) and now that we have a German-Short Hair Pointer, we never even realized that he could get a sunburn. The poor little dog!
  2. Who knew that there was such a thing as a limit on the amount of uploads and downloads you can have when using WildBlue Satellite Internet Access.
  3. Who knew that when letting your 10 year old son go online onto, he would decide to stream tv shows? Hmmm, apparently that takes a lot of download power!
When I went online tonight, it was as slow as molasses. I checked our router....ok. Then I went into my account and yeap, the download information was in the red. We are allowed 7500 MB on a rolling 30 day period and we're up to 7669MB in the last 30 day period.

No more blog jumping tonight, no more cruising the etsy forums, no more entrecard dropping, no more multiple windows, no more photos on the blog tonight, (hold on, gotta wipe my tears) hmm, I might actually get some more things made for my etsy shop.

So everyone else, have fun on the internet tonight, I'll miss it all. I'm off to make some things!!


Wendy said...

Our little yellow dog gets sunburned, too - but because she has no pigment in her nose!

rockcreekcreations said...

Isn't it sad when they get sunburned. Our little guy got it severely on his back. It has been a scary experience. As well as a huge learning experience. Gotta get the sunblock out!