Friday, August 1, 2008

August is Happiness Happens Month

I just received an email from someone that mentioned that August is Happiness Happens Month. Isn't that a nice thought? Below is an excerpt from the Secret Society of Happy People website. Of all the secret societies out there, isn't this a nice one to be in!?!

I'm normally the type of person that goes around smiling and saying "Hi" to everyone. I remember many times after talking to a person in the grocery store, my son asking me, "Who was that?" I would always answer, "Just an interesting person I said hi to." I like to think that even if I haven't officially joined the Secret Society of Happy People, I've been following their advise for a long time.

Secret Society of Happy People

Founded: August 1998

Purpose: The Secret Society of Happy People encourages the expression of happiness and discourages parade-raining. Parade-rainers are those people who don't want to hear your happy news. And no, we don't tell people to be happy if they aren't or how to be happy.

Motto: If you're happy and you know it ... tell somebody!

Members: More than 7,000 people in 34 countries have joined the Secret Society of Happy People.

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Mekhismom said...

I think I will join the society too. Although I am not always happy it is certainly something to strive for!