Friday, August 8, 2008

Satellite Internet Fair Access Policy

So as you may have guessed, we live out in the country in rural Wisconsin. There are advantages and disadvantages to living where we live. One is the amount of wildlife we can see around our house. The lack of neighbors too close to our house. And peace and quiet.

One of the disadvantages is dial-up internet access. So 1 year ago, we decided to make the jump to satellite internet access. It's the slowest speed, but still much faster than dial-up. But we exceeded our fair access policy. Which apparently limits the amount you can upload or download in a rolling 30 day time period. When you go over the threshold, you only get limited access to the internet. That is why I've been unabe to post much this week, or drop cards, or comment on anyone's blogs. It's been a dreadfully long week.

I have internet access at work, but I've been terribly busy there and I always feel guilty if I do personal stuff while I am working. I'm a great multi-tasker, but there's still there's always that thought that I should be working.

So we've been limited on the internet this week, thinking we should have full access soon. I finally called, and we should get full access on the 11th. We could get full access earlier, but it would involve unplugging our modem for 24 hours. 24 HOURS!! No internet access! The technician was not amused when I asked that question twice. He just did not understand the truly addictive nature of my etsy store, blog, entrecard, treasuries, email, etc. So we can continue with slow access until Monday, and hope that the technician wasn't leading me on about getting full access back then. Maybe I should call again and double check with someone else!?!

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