Friday, August 15, 2008

My Updated Etsy Banner

I've been trying to update the look of my etsy shop. But I no longer have Photoshop, so I'm working with Picasa, SerifPlus 6.0(a free photo editing download) and Microsoft Word.

I have finally perfected using the 3 to make what I think is a presentable banner. By using word, I inserted my photos on the page where I want them. In Microsoft Office 2007, I can edit the photos in a variety of shapes and outlines. I especially like the rounded corners I gave each photo. Then I made a text box with my name. With the text box, I can change the background color, text color, etc. I arranged everything the way I wanted it in the word document. Took a screen shot, pasted it into serifplus6.0. I then cropped the photo for just the banner, exported it to a jpg. And uploaded it into my shop.

I made it sound easy, but it was a lot of putzing around trying to get the photos to line up correctly and the number of pixels to match what etsy wanted. But since we still have limited internet access, I could spend what time I wanted on this.

I think it turned out ok for using limiting programs.

Later everyone!!
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heather knitz said...

Good for you for doing that banner on your own! Awesome job!