Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some MORE “Make It Yourself” Gift Ideas...2

Back on 9/12/08, I posted about how my family has a homemade christmas. Then I posted with some gift ideas here. These were ideas for making pendants and scrabble tile necklaces.

Today I want to focus on wet and needle felting. I will admit that I haven't tried to make the pendants, but I have tried wet and needle felting. I purchased a kit off of and while I didn't enjoy needle felting I really like wet felting.

You may ask why didn't I enjoy needle felting. Well, I like to do my crafting at night in the living room while the family is watching tv. It was a little difficult to needle felt with a sharp, sharp needle while baby D is trying to get onto my lap.

I do enjoy wet felting. I enjoy the processes of layering the wool, getting it wet and rubbing, rolling and rinsing. Plus there are enough steps that I can start and get interrupted without problems.

Soooo Drum roll are some choices for felting kits. These can be used as a gift for the holidays or for you to make something to give for the holidays. Please enjoy and thanks for visiting!!

learn how to wet-felt kit - wild flowers By tanixalexis


Cottontail Rabbit Needle Felting Kit
By fancytiger


Needle Felting Kit, Bear, (Yellow)
By bearcreekdesign


Dabbler Kit Number 2 - Felted Soap
By CraftMutiny


Beginner's Felt Kit
By littlesheepfelt


Felting Kit for Wet AND Needle Felting Balls Beads Etc
By CherylAvenue

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