Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Bead Soup Blog Challenge Goodies from Gem Trails

I am soooo excited. I walked out into the 5 degree weather with a -9 windchill to get the mail this morning. I was excited because I had a feeling my Bead Soup Blog Challenge package would be there. AND IT WAS!!! What a wonderful package from Deci of Gem Trails.

Here is the whole package in it's glory. I would have gotten photos of the unwrapping, but Delana my 3 yo was WAY too excited to wait. I think I have a budding jewelry artist on my hands. She really, really wants one of the dolphin charms.


These will probably be the pieces I use for my main necklace or bracelet. I'm not sure yet, which it will be.

These will be added to my bead embroidery stash to be used in the near future. I thinking the aventurine cab and chips would make an interesting pendant or cuff.

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Deci said...

Oh, I hope you like it, I can't wait.

Pretty Things said...