Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"I'm Staying In Bed Today" Day

I think that everyone should be able to call into their work one day a year as an "I'm staying in bed today" day off.

Today would have been that day for me. It's cold outside, it was snowy and dark most of the weekend and gosh-darnit, the alarm went off really early this morning. Fortunately, my son woke up and made the bus. He wasn't happy, but he walked out of the house just as the bus pulled up.

I get to work and realize that my cord for my laptop is sitting at home. Not the place I needed it to be! I got an assignment from my boss, and then had interruptions all day long, so now I should be doing some data searching, but yeah, I'm writing this post...I need to get it finished by 10:30 tomorrow morning and unless something else goes wrong, I should be able to get it finished.

So overall it doesn't sound like that bad of a day, it's just a cumulation of little things the makes a person want to say, "I wish I would have stayed in Bed today!!"


And one photo because each post should have some eye candy...or rice roni....or pancake mix. This is what happens when my 3.5yo daughter and 1.5yo grand-daughter go "shopping" for my 13yo son. He's so patient with them!!

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