Friday, April 29, 2011

This week's project...

This week I was able to work on a project totally out of my comfort zone. Now most of you will say that stringing beads shouldn't be considered hard. It's not the stringing part that's hard, it's making sure the beads stay on the wire when working with it, making sure the crimp beads are tight, both ends, without "dropping the gosh-darn beads off the wire for the third time!"

But it was a labor of love. M, a woman I work with, grand daughter is getting confirmed this weekend. M had a little cloissine cross that M's mother had and the granddaughter is the only grandchild who remembers much of the great-grandmom. Sooo, M wanted to give the cross to her granddaughter, but it was very small. So we decided to use the cross in a bracelet. I've seen rosary bracelets before and thought that might be a good way to go, since it's for confirmation.

So I tolerated that wire, crimp beads, covers, safety chains, and all other things, because it was fun and worth the effort to see how much M like the finished bracelet. If you walked into my office today, M showed the bracelet. Whether you wanted to see it or not. I can't wait to hear how the granddauther likes it!

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